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Unlock Your Potential With Finesse Contracts

Our intuitive software empowers your team to maximize profits and optimize contract performance.

Automatic Rebate Requests

Say goodbye to manual processes as we handle your rebate requests. Our intelligent system automates the submission of rebate requests, saving you time and effort while ensuring accurate and timely submissions.

Optimal Contract Recommendations

Finesse Contracts analyzes your customers' needs and provides recommendations on the perfect contracts to use, guaranteeing maximum savings and profitability.

Profitable Upgrade Recommendations

Our software identifies the most profitable upgrades across all your customers, allowing you to capitalize on untapped potential and drive revenue growth.

Intuitive Savings Maximization

Our intuitive flow guides you through the process, helping you maximize savings from your contracts while minimizing errors and ensuring compliance.

Unparalleled Customer Insights

Know your bottom line for any prospective basket of products, equipping you with the knowledge to negotiate effectively and secure profitable deals.

Pain Free GPOs

The Future of GPO Contract Management

Say goodbye to the frustration and inefficiencies of traditional GPO contract management. Finesse Contracts is revolutionizing the way medical supply distributors and their teams handle contracts and rebates, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business and satisfying your customers.

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Eliminate Time Consuming Requests


Boost Profit Margins & Streamline

Efficiency and Precision

Unleash Efficiency and Precision

Elevate your contract management game with Finesse Contracts, designed to streamline your workflow, save time, and optimize your contract choices.

  • Say goodbye to tedious manual rebate requests and reclaim your valuable time
  • Access accurate, up-to-date contract information at your fingertips
  • Confidently optimize your contract choices for maximum benefits
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Optimize Your Business

Boost Profits and Customer Satisfaction

Empower your medical supply distribution sales teams with Finesse Contracts, unlocking data-driven insights, and streamlining sales processes for a winning edge in the industry.

  • Skyrocket your profit margins while offering unbeatable prices to your customers
  • Effortlessly access contract data that was once out of reach
  • Streamline your sales processes with a guided workflow for increased productivity
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What We Do

Unlock the Power of GPO Contract Management with Finesse Contracts

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Complete Transparency and Efficiency

Experience unparalleled transparency in the GPO contract process. Our platform centralizes all contract data, streamlining access to vital information, and promoting informed decision-making. Say goodbye to hidden data and murky processes, and welcome a new era of efficiency in your business.

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Contract Simplification and Optimization

Finesse Contracts takes the complexity out of managing GPO contracts, enabling you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional service and products to your customers. Our software streamlines contracts, accelerates negotiation and approval processes, and ensures the best prices for your business.

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Exceptional Service and Support

Customer success is our top priority, and we're committed to providing outstanding service and support. Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure seamless software integration tailored to your specific needs. Benefit from ongoing assistance and a true partnership throughout your journey with Finesse Contracts.

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Continuous Software Improvement

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We're constantly refining and enhancing our platform to deliver greater value, transparency, and efficiency to our clients. Embrace cutting-edge technology that evolves with your business, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and maximize your potential.

Meet Our Team

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Usher Klein

CEO & Founder

Usher Klein has a strong passion for using technology to grow businesses and solving real world problems. He values radical transparency and honesty and believes that bringing this values to your business are essential in long term success.

Daniel Rhodes Photo
Daniel Rhodes

Head of Growth

Daniel thrives on solving problems that have never been solved before. He holds degrees in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and the Université du Luxembourg

Jesse Racicot Photo
Jesse Racicot

Head of Algorithms

A wizard at letting computers do your hard work, Jesse has previously been on the forefront of computer science research at Montreal's Concordia University

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Darshan Sandhu

Full Stack Developer

Darshan is guided by a passion for continuous learning and a dedication to providing customers with an unparalleled user experience. The only reaction from you that he'll be satisfied with is "Just Wow!"

Tiziana Ortiz

Head of Customer Success

Tizi is not just here to solve your problems, but to provide you with a personalized and memorable experience that makes you certain that we understand your challenges and have your back every step of the way.

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Finesse Contracts utilizes advanced software technology to streamline and optimize the management of GPO contracts for medical supply distributors. Our platform automates the rebate request process, provides contract recommendations, and offers an intuitive flow for maximizing savings. With Finesse Contracts, you can navigate the complexities of GPO contracts more efficiently and effectively.

Finesse Contracts takes data privacy and security seriously. We adhere to strict confidentiality measures to ensure that your data is protected. Our software operates within a secure environment, and we do not view, use, or access your data without your explicit permission. Your data remains confidential and under your control. Additionally, you have the option of installing Finesse in your own private servers, ensuring that you have absolute and complete control over all data.

Our team has been building software to facilitate and maximize the GPO contract process since 2016. Finesse Contracts stands as the cutting-edge pinnacle of our unwavering curiosity, boundless creativity, and relentless ingenuity.

Finesse Contracts offers a full-featured demo for our initial customers. During the demo period, you can explore and experience the capabilities of our software. However, please note that beyond the demo phase, Finesse Contracts is a subscription-based service. We offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different businesses.

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Transform Your Contract Process

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Benefits of Our Solution:

  • 💸 Automatic submission of rebate requests
  • 🎯 Always know the perfect contract to use for all of your customers
  • 📈 Recommendations on the most profitable upgrades for your customers
  • 💰 An easy, intuitive flow for maximizing your savings from contracts
  • 🏆 Win even the toughest customers by always knowing your bottom line for any perspective basket of products